Treat your dog to the health benefits of Pumpkin

Fall is officially here and along with it, we've welcomed cooler temperatures, crisp air, and all of the delicious treats that come with fall. Our favorite being... anything flavored Pumpkin

We all know that pumpkin can be healthy and delicious for humans, but did you know it can have several health benefits to our pets as well? Pumpkin is high in several important nutrients including Vitamin C, iron, phosphorus, and folate. Here are just a few ways that pumpkin can benefit your pet's health:

Improve Urinary Health

Pumpkin seeds and flesh are high in Omega 3 fatty acids and oils which are believed to support urinary health. Dogs that are prone to UTIs or incontinence may benefit these oils.

Support Digestive Regularity

Pumpkin is a great source of fiber and is easier on dog's stomachs than some other forms of fiber. Increasing fiber in your dog's diet can help enable your dog to pass stool more easily and adding pumpkin to your dog's diet is believed to help ease diarrhea and improve regularity.

Weight Management 

Pumpkin is high in moisture and fiber which helps your dog feel full more quickly and can help clean our their system. 


At Maxwell's Pet Market, we pride ourselves on offering only the best, most honest treats for your pets. Shop our selection of treats made with pumpkin today in our online store, and don't miss your chance to try our new, limited edition, Pumpkin & Bacon Training Treats today. 

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